In boxing, there’s a rule stating that professional boxers should never engage with fights outside the ring. They should never fight with ordinary people, those who have no corresponding training just like them. But it seems like Jay Primo Solmiano violated this law and inflicted bruises on a man who is obviously no match with him.

According to a post of Maria IluesaDadulla, professional boxer Mr. Jay Primo Solmiano beat her brother, causing bruises on his face.

“To Mr. Jay Primo Solmiano, look what you’ve done to my brother, you are a professional boxer, you are not supposed to get involved in the fight among ordinary people,” says Maria.

She also admitted that Ricky, the person who was involved in the fight, was drunk.

“Kuya Ricky didn’t do anything to you and he was also drunk. He was unconscious yet you continuously punch him. You were the one who said that we are here in a foreign land to work and not to create a commotion. But what have you done? What you did unlawfully. I really hope you will stand on what you said on your Facebook post, that you will not turn your back on this. Surrender to the police,” says Maria.

Maria also claims that Jay and his colleagues were drunk and Ricky was not the first one to cause the commotion. They have a video footage to support her claims.

“The group of Jay was also drunk and Kuya Ricky didn’t make the first move causing the brawl. One man from Jay’s group caused the commotion first because he was slapping a woman in public. Kuya Ricky only interfered because knowingly, women should never be treated that way,” Maria explained.

Ricky needs to undergo an operation on the nose because of the incident.

The Facebook post currently has 4,486 shares and 1,400 reactions.

See video below :

Posted by Maria Louisa on Tuesday, June 19, 2018


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