It’s so sad to think that despite the efforts of the Philippine government to protect the welfare of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) in Kuwait, there are still prolonged incidents of abuse and maltreatment towards Filipino migrant workers in Kuwait.

A certain Pimentel Donna posted a video on her social media account about an OFW who was allegedly maltreated by her employers in Kuwait.

In the video, it can be seen that a woman is showing bruises all over her body, particularly in the legs, back and arms, which was allegedly the result of the beatings by her employers.

The OFW was identified only as Maricris Cabasag Matias. No further details were given by Pimentel but she is hoping that the government of the Philippines will help Maricris from her current situation.

Netizens cried foul over the new case of abuse towards the pitiful OFW.

“She is so pitiful. Where is the agreement which was supposed to serve as protection against the maltreatment of OFWs in Kuwait?” says Facebook user MhineLumz.

“Lord, I hope somebody will help her,” says Enna Cortes.

“I hope the ban continues because domestic helpers in Kuwait still experiences maltreatment despite the agreement which was signed by both Philippines and Kuwait,” says Mira Meera.

It can be recalled that the Philippines temporarily banned the sending of OFWs to Kuwait because of the number of cases of abuse and maltreatment to domestic helpers in the Gulf country. Just recently, the ban was lifted and an agreement was signed. Unfortunately, it seems like there are still ongoing cases of abuse towards OFWs in Kuwait despite the signed agreement.

See video below :


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