Virginity is one precious thing that women tend to protect until the right man comes along her life. However, there are circumstances in which a woman can get pregnant despite actual penetration. These cases are very rare but they definitely exist. Just like this woman from Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines.

According to the report of RMN DXPR Pagadian, a woman who claims to be virgin is actually carrying a child in her womb. The penetration is quite unique though.

Happiness combined with fear – that is what the 22-year old woman is feeling right now. This is so because she got impregnated without having a sexual intercourse.

The woman was identified only as Joy. In the interview, Joy confessed that she was not able to have a monthly period for months.

The woman decided to consult the doctor. To her shock, the doctor found out she was pregnant despite remaining pregnant.

Joy claims that she has a boyfriend but nothing sexual happened between them. She conceived the baby for 9 months and on June 22, she gave birth to a baby girl named Sittie Hannah.



According to the doctor, they had a hard time delivering the baby because her uterus is still close.

The explanation as to why she became pregnant was because Joy went swimming in a public swimming pool. She thought that she got the sperm from there and eventually, it entered inside her.


However, during the interview, Joy also confessed that she was seeing a man and a woman while she was pregnant but their face is not visible.


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