The infestation of bed bugs are not only limited to Middle East Countries but are also affecting different countries across the world. Bed bug bites are obviously annoying and dangerous to your health. If you are thinking of eliminating these pests in your home, you can hire a pest control company or do it on your own using these very simple ways.


Headboard and Bed Frame

If you really want to start right in removing bed bugs, you should first clean those areas where they commonly lay their eggs – headboard and bed frame.

As their name suggests, bed bugs like to stay in your bed, commonly in the headboard and bed frame. When cleaning, vacuum the sides of your bed and the head board. Make sure that their eggs are removed so they won’t multiple again. Apply some natural insecticides as much as possible.

Diatomaceous Earth

As the number of bed bug infestation rises, natural pesticides has been develop to finally put a stop to these pests. The most common natural pesticide used to eliminate bed bugs is Diatomaceous Earth (DE).


DE is 100% organic and very effective. It actively kills bed bug eggs and their adults. It is in powder form.

To do it, you need to sprinkle DE to possible places infested by bed bugs. See to it that you have purchased the original Diatomaceous Earth for better results.

Lavender Oil

Essential oils particularly, lavender oil, is good in eliminating mite or bug infestation because of its strong scent. To boost its effectiveness, drop small amount of pure lavender oil into the sides of your bed, near the colony of bed bugs.


If you want quick solution to bed bugs infestation, you can simply vacuum everything. Starting from your mattress, curtains, chairs, carpets and any soft furnishings that you have at home. As Dr. Susan Evans says, vacuuming anything and everything that you can lay your hands on will surely eliminate all those annoying bed bugs.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol has a dehydrating effect which helps in getting rid of bed bugs.

Hot Water

Washing your beddings and other things infested by bed bugs will help in its total elimination. This is also a sure way to sanitize your mattress cover, clothing and beddings. After doing so, you can just dry everything using a dryer.

Steam Cleaning

For items that can’t be washed, you can use steam cleaning to kill bed bugs and their eggs.

Though pest control services are very much helpful in eliminating bed bugs and other pests at home, it is still better to go for natural to avoid unnecessary side effects.


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