People might view it laughable but some old men really find happiness and pleasure when doing sexual contact. To them, it is a great achievement that they were still able to do so despite their age. However, complications might arise when they do these things. Oftentimes, it might cause them their lives.

An 82-year old man was found dead inside a lodging house in Negros Occidental Philippines. The cause of death was allegedly cardiac arrest.

According to the investigation held by the local police, the old man brought a Guest Relation Officer (GRO) from a bar to satisfy his sexual needs.

It was also found out that he often bring women to the Custodio Lodge, mostly thrice per week because he believes that it revives her health and strength.

The Custodio Lodge charges him P100 every 3 hours of stay, according to reports. Usually, he goes to the lodge with the girls between 9 a.m. and 12 noon.

Unfortunately, the old man was declared dead after suffering from cardiac arrest.

His identity remained hidden and his family is yet to issue their side of the story.


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