We’ve all heard of the viral stories of horrors experienced by Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) abroad through Facebook. To some, it is their way of communicating with their loved ones but also, it is used to report certain cases of abuse of employers.

But it seems like some OFWs abuse the use of this social media platform. Some employers are already complaining of the unreasonable use of domestic helpers for matters that are supposed to be kept private.

Facebook user Humoud Al Fajrawi is asking for help to identify a woman whom he accused of spreading images of her employer and other family members through Facebook live. He thought that doing so is illegal especially without the consent of the people involved.

According to Humoud, the employer’s daughter was the one who first found out about the viral photos. One thing that’s pretty alarming was when she posted her employer’s face without a scarf. In the Muslim law, not wearing hijab in public is prohibited.

Humoud wants to stop the spread of these photos and hopes that something like this won’t happen in the future.

“No family wants they and their family pictures be shown without their permission it’s a crime. The employer she doesn’t know that they took her live video and shown others without knowing her [without her knowledge] and she is in her own home kitchen without a scarf and they maid [made it live] on her live Facebook video,” says Humoud.

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f someone knows her pinay workers hope she close her account .. It's going viral at social media .. For taking live Facebook video of her employer at kitchen without letting her know ..the daughter of employer entered in her maid facebook account and saw one of her maid friend list on live facebook video without letting her employer to know that she is live at facebook … No family wants their and their family pictures to be shown without their permission its a crime .. The employer she doesnt knew that they taken her live video and shown to others without knowing her and she is in her own home kitchen without scarf and they maid on her live Facebook video .. .Courtesy | Humoud Al Fajrawi

Posted by Viral Post TV on Tuesday, August 21, 2018

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