An abortionist was crying so hard when she was caught by police officials after she got involved in the death of an OFW from Dubai, UAE.

Police officers arrested Luzviminda Tibay after an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) from Dubai died after she allegedly helped her abort a child.

According to Tibay, her client went back to the country from Dubai to abort her baby because her contract says that she is not allowed to get pregnant.

“Maybe in her work, it is prohibited to get pregnant so the woman decided to abort her own baby to avoid being fired and deported,” says Supt. Carlo Manuel.

Just then, the victim contacted Tibay through social media and they met in a hotel. Tibay gave the victim a medicine to abort the baby.

The victim bled continuously until she was found dead inside the comfort room of the hotel. Tibay admitted that the victim paid her PhP10,000.

Tibay also said that the medicine she gave to the victim was from Quipo, Manila, beside a church.

It was easier for the police officers to capture Tibay because she is a famous abortionist in the area.

“She is facing intentional abortion and reckless imprudence resulting to homicide,” says Supt. Carlo Manuel.



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