The Dubai court charged a 22-year-old Filipina domestic helper with child molestation, as reported by Inquirer.


According to reports, the Filipina woman was taking care of an 8-year-old child who is both autistic and has difficulties with speech. The incident was allegedly witnessed by an Ethiopian maid, who was also working in the same household.

The woman allegedly took advantage of the boy while his mother was out of the country.

The Ethiopian maid allegedly saw the Filipina removing her shirt and allowed the boy to touch her. But as she reprimanded her, the nanny took the boy into the room and locked it. She also claims that the defendant always carries the boy into a locked room.

But the information she squealed was withheld after the Filipina threatened to reveal her relationship with a man. She also threatened to beat her if she talks.

However, the employer, a French woman, canceled the residence visa of the woman after four months because of her bad behavior. It was then that she noticed the changes in the behavior of her son. He started acting aggressively and said abusive words. Worst, she touched her own mother “inappropriately”.

She asked the help of a therapist after her son turned aggressive and upset after the nanny was gone.

Later on, she reported the incident to the police. The ruling is on July 25.

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