According to the World Vision, excessive use of gadgets including desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets causes not just physical but also mental damage to children.

A child who is exposed to gadgets might become overweight and even develop seizures as well as vision problems. Aside from that, too much time with gadgets affects the thinking and emotional development of children during the first five years.


Edgar Lising posted on his Facebook account several photos and videos of his son who was admitted to the hospital because of focal seizure caused by excessive use of gadgets.

He is asking for prayers for the fast recovery of the little boy.

According to a study conducted by Dr. Parolita Mission of the National Nutrition Council, allowing your children to spend even more than just two hours of gadgets every day causes irreversible damage including attention deficit and slow cognitive development.

Prayers were being poured over the young boy who had to suffer so much in a very young age. Netizens were quite alarmed with the incident and even tagged some of their family members and friends to raise alarm regarding excessive use of gadgets.

Parents need to avoid letting their children use gadgets to avoid these crucial health issues. Otherwise, children should be encouraged to do physical activities and play with their friends.


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