Literally, some Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) had to go through all the pain and abuses just to provide a better future for their family in the Philippines.

Just like this OFW, she had to endure all the pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis because her employer refused to allow her to return to the Philippines until her reliever arrives.

A certain Ej Gonzales posted a video of her sister who can be seen in great pain even when she walks. A woman can be heard talking in the video and according to her, when Evangeline was sent to the doctor, she was the one who paid for the expenses, a clear violation of the recently signed Memorandum of Understanding.

Evangeline couldn’t do anything but to continue working until her reliever arrives. Her employer seems to neglect her current condition despite her obvious pain even just with simple movements.

The woman was identified as Evangeline Gonzales Atilano, an OFW in Kuwait. Ej already asked the help of OWWA and her concern was forwarded to the concerned department.

However, Ej thought that the process will take too much time especially because of EID holiday happening this August 20-22.

Ej is asking for help as soon as possible so her sister can return home and receive the necessary treatment she needs.

What is Rheumatoid Arthritis?

It is a long-term autoimmune disorder that affects the person’s joints, resulting in warm, swollen as well as painful joints. Following rest, more pain and stiffness can also be felt. This disorder is mostly experienced in the hands and wrist.

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OFW Needs Helps

Hi I need your immediate assistance to repatriate my sister. Her employer does not allow her to go home till her reliever will arrive. She can't work anymore due to the rheumatic arthritis that affects her bones or joints and muscles to swell and disturbingly painful. I already receive response from Owwa administrator that request for assistance was already forwarded to concern agencies or departments. But I find it to slow to take action considering that eid holiday is coming soon (August 20-22 2018 but usually they will make it till August 25, 2018. So possible help will be provided only after August 26 2018) that might delay the needed assistance for my sister. Please action it the earliest by Sunday August 19 2018. Pull her out and send her to the doctor for immediate medical assistance. Please pm me for the personal information of my sister. Her name is Evangeline Gonzales Atilano aka Dreamgurl Atilano fb account Niya. Presently OFW in Kuwait BayanCourtesy | Ej Gonzales

Posted by OFW Community on Monday, August 20, 2018


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