To finally get the sweet “Yes!” of the person, is considered one of the greatest achievement of your life. By saying so, in this modern world, men are not always the ones who are capable of proposing marriage to their beloved one.

Women also have the guts to do so. Just like this woman in the video.

A woman and a man were seen climbing the stairs together. However, it turns out that the man is blindfolded and the woman excitedly holds him, making sure that he cannot speak to her surprise.

The woman now, kneeled in front of the man, carrying a ring in her hand.

The blindfold was removed and the woman proposed to her love. He said “Yes!” and they shared a sweet kiss.

Most of the time, we see men proposing to the woman, kneeling in front of her and waiting for her sweet “Yes!”. There are countless videos similar to these acts online. Some end up positively while others went home with tears on their eyes, as the woman declines marriage.

This time, it’s totally different. Pretty modern yet very romantic.

Netizens were caught up in mixed reactions, some even tagged it as 1000% romantic.

Congratulations to the happy couple. May they have a bountiful and happy marriage ahead.



See clip below

❤💞💕Romanticismo al 1000% ❤💞💕

❤💞💕Romanticismo al 1000% ❤💞💕

Posted by Encuentralo En Chilpo on Friday, July 20, 2018


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