What’s scarier than a ghost? It’s an angry wife.

As the saying goes, “Happy wife, happy life”, it should remind men to always make their wife or partners happy to have a rather peaceful life.

As much as possible, avoid making them upset by doing things like getting too close to other girls. However, it seems like this man in the video forgot this very important role. Therefore, he got screwed in front of the crowd.

Pietro Marino posted a short clip on his Facebook account showing a man who was seen dancing with a girl amidst the crowd. He was quite enjoying the moment until minutes later.

What’s so shocking is the next incident. His wife rushed straight to the man, slapped him a couple of times and made his exit in the most embarrassing way.

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The crowd was in awe and was laughing so hard upon seeing how the wife threw slaps and punches to his husband.

Netizens who were able to watch the said videos also burst into laughter and also blamed the man for his indecent acts. Other netizens believe that it’s “karma” and he deserves every punch and slapped from his wife.

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This just goes to show that men, especially those who are taken, should behave accordingly and avoid flirting with other women or you will suffer the same humiliation as him.

RESPECT if you want to be RESPECTED.

See clip below

Posted by Pietro Marino on Saturday, August 18, 2018


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