Swimming is a way of getting your kids involved in physical activities rather than making them play gadgets all day long.

But swimming for children needs utmost adult supervision. There are already a lot of cases of injuries and death affiliated due to the negligence of parents or guardians.

Recently, a video was posted online to remind the public to become vigilant when children are playing in the pool despite having a swimming gear with them.

The CCTV video, which only lasted for two minutes, shows graphic content which might seem too violent to some people.

At first, two children can be seen swimming in the pool with their swimming gear. A woman can also be seen guarding them.

However, the woman got distracted because of her mobile phone that she didn’t notice that the child is already drowning.

The other boy in the pool tried to rescue the other one, but since he is also too little to help the other, the child failed.

The child then tried to call the woman for help but she simply neglected the child.

The child, with too much desperation, too help, tried to reach the other child’s hand but again he failed.

He went back to the woman and luckily, after a couple of tries, she noticed that the other child is already drowning.

She rescued the child from the water.

It is still unclear whether the child who got drowned was alive or not after they brought the child to the hospital

See clip below

Attention All Parents!

Posted by All About Pinas on Wednesday, September 5, 2018


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