Indeed, there are a lot of mysteries that modern science can never explain. We’ve all heard of mysterious creatures in the ocean and even fish rain.

This time, thousands, if not hundred live fishes came out from the water, was captured in the video.

It seems like another phenomenon is going on throughout the waters of Sam Mun Sai, Hong Kong. These fishes are still alive, jumping vigorously and trying hard to survive on the land.

Fishes are scattered along Shalan Sea Side, Hong Kong. It remains unknown why the fishes went off the water but it is evident that something wrong is going on.

Netizens shared their concern on this phenomenon. Some netizens think that the change of temperature might be the cause of fishes going out of the water. Other netizens think that this is a bad omen for an upcoming disastrous event. There are also other who got fascinated by the number of fishes in the land, by which, some of it is still alive.

The local government is yet to issue the real reason behind this incident.  Anyhow, it is not the first time that we’ve witnessed this kind of incident. In India, various fishes, even those who are rare and poisonous were washed up on the beach last August 2017.

See clip below

Look mga isda naglabasan na Shalan sea side, in Sam Mun Tsai, Taipo Hongkong

Posted by Rosita T. Manangbao on Thursday, September 13, 2018


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