There is already an alarming number of cases involving abuse of domestic helpers, no matter what their nationality is. Domestic helper is mostly subjected to severe abuse and maltreatment.

However, you should never underestimate their capabilities. There are also domestic helpers who are capable of fighting back when maltreated by their employers. Some even won’t hesitate to stab or even kill their employers when facing the crucial situation.

An Ethiopian maid smashed the entire kitchen of her sponsor, throwing things into the refrigerator and destroying everything in the kitchen.

The reason why she did it remains unknown but the kitchen really became a huge mess. At the end of the video, a person can be seen lying flat on the floor.

The Ethiopian’s behavior is quite frightening, considering the fact that she can have made an even worst mess or hurt her employers.

When working as a household domestic helper, it is important to pack a whole bunch of patience with you. You cannot act hastily as you might end up imprisoned or punished severely.

Moreover, a Filipina domestic helper in Kuwait stabbed her employer following a heated conversation. The Filipina was imprisoned and currently waiting for her verdict.

Misunderstandings among sponsors and domestic helpers should be handled accordingly. Communication is the key to this. You can talk things out without involving violence.

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Ethiopian maid smashed sponsors kitchen – Reasons unknown

#Ethiopian maid smashed sponsors kitchen – Reasons unknown

Posted by Arab Times Kuwait on Friday, September 14, 2018


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