You will always find a tester in almost all perfume sections or stores. However, you should not abuse it. That’s why it’s called tester because you are only allowed to spray a bit of it just for you to know the actual smell of that particular perfume.

However, not all citizens are kind enough to follow this simple regulation. Just like this woman in the video.

A woman was captured in a CCTV video trying a perfume in a store. It seems as if she is an ordinary customer trying to pick the best perfume before purchase.

However, minutes after something funny happened. She sprayed perfume all over her body, including her private area. She did it without hesitation thinking that no one can see her.

But her act didn’t escape from the keen eyes of the camera inside the store. It captured everything clearly and now, her face is all over the internet.

This should serve as a good reminder to all. Never do unnecessary things when inside a store. Who knows, you are being watched by a CCTV camera.

Netizens had a good laugh at the incident.

See clip below


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