Videos of airport staff mishandling baggage of passengers have shocked the nation. Some luggage even gets damaged because of these handling.

However, airport officials are not all the same when it comes to handling the luggage of passengers.

A netizen captured a video showing an airport official arranging luggage, making sure that the handle of each luggage is facing the passenger’s side for easy grip and carrying.

The man took each one of it carefully. Though not all passengers noticed his dedication at work, he still managed to do it on his own will.

Netizens were grateful upon seeing the dedication of this man. Who’d have thought that someone in the airport, who’s busy and amidst a very hectic schedule, someone will do this to ease tired passengers?

“Message sent to their marketing department who will surely get the message to him. Thank you for taking the time to share something so uplifting! Great service is always fantastic to hear about,” says Sue Hulley.

“Great to see a job well done in this day and age,” says Facebook user Peggy Bousfield.

“There are people who enjoy their jobs and are thoughtful,” says Facebook user Maureen Clinton.

Thank you so much to this man! You are really great!

See clip below :


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