We’ve all heard of the dangers of the tornado and how it can simply lash huge houses, buildings and even trees.

A tornado is a destructive vortex of rotating winds which appears like a funnel of the cloud. Rather than the typical tornado, a video captured a more destructive form of a whirlwind – the fire tornado.

In the video, firefighters can be seen eagerly trying to stop the destructive tornado of fire. However, the fire tornado simply pulled the firefighting hose up into the air.

The incident happened in British Columbia, Canada. The fire tornado became really huge reaching the heights of over 200 feet, making it a lot easier to pull the firefighter’s hose.

One firefighter claims that it was his first time to encounter this kind of destructive vortex.

“That’s definitely a first,” says a firefighter.

What causes a fire tornado?

A fire tornado, fire whirl or fire devil, is a whirlwind which is made from ash or flame. This phenomenon is usually caused by a wildfire or firestorm creating its own wind and turning it into a vortex of fire. This then creates an appearance of the tall and skinny whirl of fire.

This isn’t the first time that this rare incident happened. An extreme example of this phenomenon happened in Japan in 1923 following the Great Kanto Earthquake. A huge fire tornado ignited killing 38,000 people just in 15 minutes.

See clip below

"Fire tornado" pulls firefighting hose into the air

This "fire tornado" in British Columbia, Canada, reached heights of over 200 feet and pulled a firefighting hose into the air. "That’s definitely a first," one firefighter said.

Posted by CNN on Saturday, September 22, 2018


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