Randomly seeing a snake is already terrifying. How much more if it’s a two-headed.

It turns out that two-headed snakes are not just seen in movies, it actually exists in real life.

In a garden yard in Virginia, a two headed snake was seen crawling and scaring anyone who gets to see its unusual appearance. The snake was identified as a copperhead snake.

The snake was taken by the Virginia Wildfire Management and Control, who then took pictures and posted it on their social media account.

Netizens were terrified upon seeing the two-headed snake. Some netizens raise questions like:

“Do both heads eat or one?”

“Which head makes the attack?”

It remains unknown why the snake had two heads but this one thing is definitely sure, this discovery is SUPER RARE.

According to experts, two-headed snakes don’t live very long due to “too many challenges day to day with two heads”.

He also said that the left head “dominate oesophagus and the right head has the more developed throat for eating.” These snakes grow to as long as 18-36 inches long but this snake is still about 6 inches long and still very young.

Copperheads are also not known for being aggressive, posing less threat to anyone.

See clip below

This is actual video of the “2 headed” copperhead snake that we posted about, in Woodbridge, Virginia, yesterday.If you have any wildlife, reptile, bee, wasp or hornet issues, contact us anytime day or night at 804-617-7086 we’re on call 24/7WWW.VIRGINIAANIMALCONTROL.COM#SnakeRemovalVirginia #SnakeRemovalRichmond #SnakeRemovalHenrico #SnakeRemovalPowhatan #SnakeRemovalChesterfield #SnakeRemoval #Copperhead #Snake #WildlifeRemovalVirginia #AnimalControlVirginia #WildlifeControl#VirginiaWildlifeManagementAndControl #VirginiaWildlife

Posted by Virginia Wildlife Management and Control on Monday, September 17, 2018


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