As a legal wife and mother, can you manage to be with the mistress of your husband under the same roof?

We’ve heard of fights between the legal wife and mistress all over the internet. Most of these fights end up brutally while some even had to end up in the police precinct.

However, not all wives are that close-minded. Some already accept the fact that their husband is in love with someone else and she will live in the same house as you.

Some people think that this scenario is quite chaotic but in reality, there are people who really live on this kind of set up.

A certain man in Butuan City, Philippines had to go on all these troubles just to be with two wives. In fact, according to him, he is not having any problem with it because the two women in his life are already getting along with each other.

He had seven children with his first wife, whom he married legally. The second woman is a 42-year old, who still chose to be with him despite his status in life.

According to the man, the first few days were tough but later on, the two women got along with each other and even eats together.

Netizens, on the other hand, still thinks that their scenario is chaotic. But the man claims that everything in their house is in harmony despite having two wives inside the same house.

See the clip below.

Lalaki Dalawa Asawa Sa Loob Ng Kanyang Bahay!

Lalaki Dalawang Asawa Sa Loob Ng Bahay!Video by RMN DXBC Butuan 693

Posted by All About Pinas on Tuesday, September 25, 2018



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