It is one’s instinct to help when someone is in need or in danger, just like when someone is drowning. The circumstances are like life and death. If you chose to save the person then he might have a chance to live. If you chose to ignore, he will surely die.

However, not all people have the kindest heart to help people who are drowning especially because it might also endanger his life.

But to this elephant, she never hesitated to rescue a human as she believes that he is in danger.

The elephant lives at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand and was named Kham Lha. Upon seeing that Darrick Thompson, co-founder of the foundation, was in the river and looks like drowning, she didn’t hesitate and rushed to help the man.

In reality, Thompson was actually not drowning. He just wants Kham Lha to go to the water. But Kham Lha mistook it and raced through the water to help Darrick. She even offered her trunk that Darrick can hold on to, just to avoid the strong current.

It was found out that in 2015, Kham Lha and her mother Bai Teoy were both rescued by Darrick. Now, the elephant is returning the favor. This just proves that when you show love, it will be voluntarily returned to you.

The foundation has rescued dozens of elephants.

See clip below

Concerned baby elephant "saves" man swimming in a river

Elephants have the biggest hearts… literally and figuratively! <3

Posted by Pulptastic on Wednesday, March 14, 2018


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