As your relationship gets older, you both share a bond that’s truly incomparable. Over the years, you will get through the stage of embarrassment towards each other and you will feel more comfortable to be with your partner. You can simply sit side by side and talk about random things.

That’s the relationship goals of many until they saw this video.

In the video, a couple can be seen tickling each other until they started to exert more effort to bully each other. The man was unhesitant to throw the woman in the bed then dragging her down by pulling her feet. Her head bumped into the floor but they continued to throw things at each other.

They looked such a happy couple and very comfortable with each other. Not all couple have the ability to do so especially the intensity of their actions.

Nonetheless, not all netizens were quite amazed by the video. Some still think that the woman is already hurting but couldn’t complain because they are being captured in a video.

Set aside the negativity, most netizens think it’s cute and even tagged their loved ones to encourage doing the same thing sooner.

There are indeed lots of ways to express one’s love to a person. Some couples enjoy spending sweet moments together while other enjoy being comfortable with each other and doing silly things together.

See clip below

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