Children surely love to play especially if there are a couple of children to do it with. But parents should think it twice if you are planning to leave your kids unattended in a mall playground.

This is why you should never leave your children unattended.

A recent video surface the internet and it’s quite depressing as little children are involved in the incident.

In the video, four children can be seen playing in the mall’s tube swing. Two children can be seen climbing the tube swing while the other two were happily pushing the swing at the end part, never thinking that they are actually in a very dangerous side.

As they push, the child at left end was dominated by tube swing, making her get down to the floor. It caused the child several fractures and injuries.

The video sets as a reminder to all parents to always keep a close eye to their children no how safe the playground is. Accidents occur at the most unexpected time and once it’s done its damage, you cannot undo it no matter what you do.

The tube swing has since been taken from the mall playground. The current condition of the child after the incident remains unclear.

See clip below

To All Parent!

Posted by All About Pinas on Sunday, September 30, 2018


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