There is a bundle of reasons why people get tattoos. Some of these reasons include self-expression, artistic freedom, to grab attention, visual display of personal narrative, spiritual or cultural traditions, identification or even sexual motivation, rebellion and addiction.

No matter what the reason behind it, the most important thing is its appearance. If it’s done by expert hands and remarkable technique, you will surely achieve the kind of art that you want on your body.

We’ve already known the current technique used in tattoo art. However, there’s this very exciting way to get your tattoo, away from the current trend.

Traditional tattooing is starting to gain back its lost attention. In fact, there are a growing number of tattoo artist already doing this method.

Countries like Polynesia, Philippines, Japan, and Thailand are some of the countries that exhibit traditional tattooing.

On traditional tattooing, tattoo marks are made by hand-tapping the ink into the person’s skin through the use of sharpened sticks. There are also countries, like in the Philippines, wherein the tattoo artist is the one choosing the design rather than the wearer.

This might be due to the genealogical information and symbolizes the person’s personal responsibility and role in the community.

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Ancient unique tattoo techniques

Ancient unique tattoo techniques from around the world.via,,,,, ,,

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