Your child’s safety is a must! No matter where they go or where they are, you must ensure that they are safe and no danger comes along their way.

However, as parents become busier these days, they tend to become forgetful, compromising the safety of their family especially their children.

We’ve all heard of the mounting cases of children being left by their parents inside the car. Some are unfortunate enough, getting themselves suffocated to death. Luckily, the man in the video has a wise son despite his young age.

A video that circulated online shows a man trying to instruct a young boy inside the car. It seems as though they are just playing in reality, the situation is crucial.

The man left (or forgot) the car keys inside his car. Worst, his son is inside. He could have died inside.

Good thing the young boy is smart enough to open the door of the car. At first, the people outside were frantic, instructing the young boy on how he could open the car using the car key.

Luckily, the boy was able to follow the instruction of his father and he finally escaped.

This should serve as a strong reminder to all parents. Never ever forget your children inside the car or even your car keys inside. This might cost you a lot – even the life of your child.

See clip below

Naiwan ng tatay yung susi sa loob ng sasakyan, mabuti na lang ang galing ni baby..

Posted by Hanep TV on Friday, August 17, 2018


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