This man’s life changed forever after a mere dog’s lick.

Greg used to ride his favorite motorcycle. However, things changed as he gets around now using a wheelchair. Despite the unfortunate events that had happened in his life, he is still happy that he’s alive.

“I had a long road but I never thought that something like this could happen,” says Greg. This is because, Greg’s hands, feet, and upper left were cut.

“He has fought like no patient I have ever had a privilege of taking care of,” says one of Greg’s doctors.

According to the doctors, bacteria from the dog’s mouth entered his bloodstream when the animal licked him and caused the rare infection.

Even after the unfortunate encounters, Greg still feels thankful that he is still on the right mind and his organs are doing great.

In the next years, Greg will be fitted to artificial legs and arms that he can use to function like a normal person in his daily life. He will also undergo a physical therapy so he will know how to properly use them.

His face, on the other hand, needs to undergo plastic surgery.

“In the next few months, we’ll be targeting the first stages of his nasal reconstruction and reconstruction of his upper lip,” says the doctor.

Despite the challenges that might come their way, Greg and his wife are positive that he can still live a normal life and overcome each one of it with a joyous heart.

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Man Who Lost Limbs After He Was Licked by Dog Says He's Happy to Be Alive

A man who lost limbs after he was licked by a dog says he's happy to be alive.

Posted by Inside Edition on Sunday, August 12, 2018


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