Swimming in the sea is considered a fun-filled activity by many. Aside from all those water activities that you can do by the sea, it is also home to all kinds of sea creatures that can aid a hungry stomach.

No matter how fun it is to swim in the sea, we cannot remove the fact that it can claim lives especially to those who are unsuspicious.

Every year, there are a number of fishermen who get caught up by the harsh winds and strong waves of the sea, as they eagerly look for fishes and other sea animals.

Though some are lucky to be able to return to their families, some are unfortunate enough to face death in the midst of the ocean.

Luck finds its way to another fisherman who was lost in the ocean but was rescued by the crewmen of a passing ship. The entire encounter was captured in a video.

After 49 days of drifting on the sea, Indonesian Aldi Novel Adilang was rescued by the crew of a ship who heard him asking for help.

The 19-year-old man worked on a fishing platform along the coast of Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. However, due to some unfortunate events, he drifted as far as the waters if Guam which is about 1,594 miles away Indonesia.

“I was on the sea at the island of Duwe at the time the South winds are blowing hard and the waves are high. Then the rope broke, then washed away. For one week there was a communication from friends from another raft after that, there was no communication. I met a lot of ships. After one month, I saw a ship and asked for help. I shouted in Indonesian, they all just passed. Then, I remember my friend said, if there’s a big ship, say HELP. Finally, the ship helped me,” said Alilang in an interview by CNN.

Immediately, Filipino crewmen of the ship rescued Adilang on August 31. He was taken to a hospital in Japan.

Now, he is back to his family in Indonesia and in “good condition”.

See clip below

19-year-old saved after 49 days on a platform in the ocean

This is the moment a 19-year-old Indonesian was rescued after drifting at sea for 49 days on a small wooden fishing platform https://cnn.it/2N8QSFV

Posted by CNN on Saturday, September 29, 2018


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