AIM Global has become a center of controversy again after a video of a woman exposing their irregularities went viral online.

A certain Jocelyn Solitana took to Facebook to express her downright disappointment towards AIM Global. She alleged that member was just having a misconception that they are already rich and earning more money but in fact, they are not.

According to Jocelyn, the membership costs PhP8,000 and you will be given products to sell. At this moment, you are also given the capability to recruit more members and broaden your connection.

But for her, she would rather choose to be ‘close-minded’, earning her salary through hard-work than join this easy-money scheme.

“Why would I give money to the networking and give myself a hard time recruiting others to join AIM Global? This is already my money! The best thing that I should do is to save it, next month, I’ll add more savings. If I’ll give this to AIM Global, this will not become 16,000 next month,” says Jocelyn.

Jocelyn also claims that when you recruit 10 people, you will have 5,000 commission. However, the founder of AIM Global will get PhP75,000, a rather huge amount compared to the hard-work you’ve done to recruit.

Furthermore, she also tackled the issue of one member who got sick but never received help from AIM Global. That member was an avid worker but didn’t receive any help.

Her point is for members and future members to wake up and stop joining in this kind of business



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