What will you choose, acne on your face or live leeches on your face? Both are disgusting but for the sake of beauty, some people will want to use leeches on their face to remove acne.

However, these blood-sucking creatures are used in China beauty centers as a beauty treatment for a woman who wants to have beautiful skin or those who are suffering from acne.

In the beauty center, the staff puts the leeches on the patient’s face. Then, it will suck her blood to achieve a healthier skin.

Though patients shiver at the thought that this blood-sucker will get on their face, they still go through the procedure to achieve their life-long aim of having a beautiful face.

This procedure does not offer any complications to the patients.

According to experts, this beauty treatment dates back to thousand years ago and patients didn’t have anything to complain following the completion of the therapy.

After the therapy, patients will have smoother skin and removes wrinkles.

“No side effects or complications, all of it for a natural beauty,” says a salon staff that does the leech therapy.

Traditionally, leeches are used to improve the circulation of blood. However, in some instances, patients might suffer infection or bleeding.

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Posted by All About Pinas on Wednesday, October 10, 2018


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