Most of the time, when someone catches a snake, they would feel afraid and terrified. Most people would even run for their safety.

In fact, there is this certain kind of snake phobia called Ophidiophobia. People with this kind of phobia are pretty common as this legless creature got a really terrifying look.

But what this woman did is out-of-this-world.

Instead of running away or capturing the animal, this woman barbecued and cooked it as if it’s just an ordinary dish that we eat. The entire event was captured in a video.

In the video, a woman can be seen holding a huge snake. She started removing the scales of the snake and started to put spices over it, just like a chicken that’s been spiced.

Then, she got a bamboo stick and inserted the snake, making it ready to get barbecued. The woman then put it on the flame. She casually cooked it like an ordinary viand for everyone to share.

Netizens who got the chance to see the video were shocked to see how easy the woman managed to cook the snake as if she does it on a daily basis. Other netizens even think that the video is kind of ruthless knowing that the snake must be released to the wild for our ecosystem to function right.

Would you dare eat this kind of food? Share your thoughts.

See clip below


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