A mother in Sultan Kudarat, Philippines was shocked to see her new-born child who has one body but two heads.

Janesa wished to have twins. However, when she first saw her body, she got the ultimate shock of her life. This is because her baby got two heads on a single body.

JanesaAladja, the mother of the twins, admitted that they had a rough pregnancy.

“While I was pregnant, I do not have an appetite and my body weight declined. When I got admitted to the hospital, they said I have UTI,” says Janesa.

It was on the fifth month of her pregnancy when they discovered that she is pregnant with twins.

“They have two heads but the other one does not have a body,” says Janesa.

Janesa and her husband Abdul prepared so much for the arrival of the twins. Just this September 4, Janesa give birth to the twins.

Just like what was shown in the ultrasound, the child had two heads in one body and also had three hands. The children were conjoined twins called Dicephalic Parapagus.

“If you separate the twins, one of them will die but they will have one hand or one foot which is nothing beneficial to any of the twins. If they were given birth alive, there’s a huge chance of growing up into functioning individuals,” says Dr. Raul Quillamor.

Furthermore, the family of Janesa also thinks that she violated some superstitious beliefs causing her to have a child with two heads in a body instead of one.

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