It is already very hard to adjust to the environment abroad. However, the agony of each OFW is doubled once they encounter an abusive employer.

A certain Yenoh Mehi Qoh is asking for help for her sister who is currently working as a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia.


According to the Facebook user, it’s only been three months since her sister went to Saudi Arabia to work as a domestic helper but her situation is getting worse every day. Her sister is sleeping outside the house of her employer and much worst, she is not given a decent food.

Because she only sleeps outside the house, her security is totally compromised. At any moment, if a bad guy comes by, she will be in great danger.

Additionally, the weather in Saudi Arabia is starting to cool off. It will be hard for her to stay in that place to sleep and she needs proper room for her comfort.

According to the Facebook user, her family already reached her agency for help but to no avail, they just rejected them. Their only advise if for the OFW to escape, one thing that the abused OFW can never do because her passport is with her employer.

Her mobile phone was also confiscated. Good thing, someone from the neighborhood got the chance to take a picture of her sleeping on the streets. This serves as a good evidence for her immediate rescue.

The name of the OFW is JEAN BENDAL. Her employer’s residence is at Imam Muhammad bin Saud Street Hail.

The Facebook user ended her post by quoting government agencies and famous personalities like POEA, OWWA, RaffyTulfo, and KMJS just to speed up the rescue of her sister in Saudi Arabia.

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