There are really those amazing people who can recreate something extraordinary out of ordinary things. They are often regarded as geniuses on their crafts.

This video shows a man who shows exceptional skills in creating art ON THE FLOOR. You definitely read it right! This man creates 3D art on the floor and even sweeps it away just to prove that it’s a real thing and your eyes are not faking it.

In the video, the artist uses ordinary things like sand, apple and leaves to make something so great.

At first, the man formed 3D images on the floor then erases it just to prove that it is an actual art. It’s so amazing because the animals look so realistic, you will get deceived that it’s a huge and real animal.

Another fantastic way of expressing his artistic skills is through the use of leaves. He draws on the leaves, imitating the images which were from real pictures. Another amazing skill that you don’t see every day.

Lastly, he copied an image of a person into an apple. He did it so nicely and effortlessly.

This amazing Chinese art has become known to social media since its release. Netizens were quite stunned by the man’s extraordinary skills.

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Amazing Chinese art 😮

Posted by Fail tv on Wednesday, September 12, 2018


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