Halloween is just in the corner of our eyes. Though kids are celebrating it through playing trick or treat, some adults are frantic to think that it is again the time of the year where ghosts and spirits roam around.

Do you believe in ghosts and apparitions? If you are doubtful of their existence, look closely over this traffic cam.

In the footage, everything seemed like an ordinary day where cars pass along the road until a black image starts to appear and cross the street going through cars as if it’s a shadow or a real ghost.

Yes, the black image in the video goes through cars without bumping them. It remains unclear if motorists were able to see this apparition or black image but one thing’s really sure – it’s totally creepy.

Some people will think that ghosts are merely created by our imagination. Others, on the other hand, are pretty much convinced of their existence.

At some point in your life, you will surely question the existence of these creatures especially because of all those horror movies that are being released for the public. However, there are also creative minds that use the latest technology to fake images just to raise fear among people.

Whatever side you are on, this video will definitely send some chill into your spine at night.

See below


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