There are jokes that are funny, while there are others who are too harsh and inflicts harm on other people.

However, this duo never thought that their jokes are too much and already harmful.

In the video, two women can be seen on board a ship. The other one is holding a mobile phone talking to someone. But in a split of seconds, the mobile phone was gone because the other woman threw it into the sea. After doing this hideous act, she isn’t apologetic.

In another prank, the woman can be seen slapping hard another woman using a tray. It hit her so hard that she went straight to the floor.

The other prank is quite disgusting because she scooped a poop and wiped it to the other woman. It didn’t end with that, in another prank, she pushed the other woman, who can be seen feeding the ducks, into the water.

It is evident that their pranks are too much and painful. But it seems like they don’t feel sorry for each other. They only laughed hard after the incident.

However, not all netizens agree that these jokes are just funny. Most netizens felt that it is too much and needs to be stopped.

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الله تهاد جوج بنات هارب ليهم هههه 😂😂 ناري علي ضحك عندهم 😱😂

الله تهاد جوج بنات هارب ليهم هههه 😂😂 ناري علي ضحك عندهم 😱😂

Posted by Moroccan Life +18 on Sunday, July 22, 2018


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