A Filipina, allegedly under alcohol, fell into the sea in Hong Kong. Fortunately, she was immediately rescued by two concerned citizens who also jumped off the water to help her out.

According to reports, the incident happened after midnight of Oct 19 on the outlying island Cheung Chau, near the Cheung Chau Ferry Pier.

According to the witnesses, the woman stood up and jumped off the waters without ado. Fortunately, there were two men who rescued her immediately. The two men were just fishing in the area when they saw the woman jumped into the sea. They called the police afterward.

Police authorities as well as firefighters arrived at the scene and found out that the Filipina is unhurt. Officers also believed that she was just under alcohol, the reason why she jumped into the sea.

The woman took a while to rest but refused to go to the hospital. She left the scene afterward.

It remains unclear if the Filipina is having some issues resulting in her suicide attempt. If you know someone who needs help or those who are depressed, you can contact the multilingual suicide prevention hotline at +852 2896 000.

It is important to talk to someone if you are having troubles in your life. Suicide is not a solution. Every problem always has a solution.


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