A mother in Ireland was terrified after seeing her child with the giant spiked tooth.

Tara was shocked to discover that her little Oscar O’Byrne sprouted a huge spiked tooth overnight.

“I went in to him around 7am. I usually give him a soother and he goes back asleep for an hour, but he kept crying,” says Tara. “So I took him out and changed him but when I went to feed him, I found the tooth in his mouth. It had grown overnight.”

Immediately, she rushed her baby to the Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital. However, doctors couldn’t explain the incident. Tara felt too frustrated that she rushed her baby to another hospital where they consulted a dentist instead.

“We got an appointment and brought him in. I had to hold him and hold his arms down while she took the tooth out,” Tara said. “Whatever way the suction was caused the tooth to go up to his nose. I had to wind him to get it out, but he was okay,” she added.

As mysterious as it may seem, doctors took pictures of the fang and everything.

“There were dentists coming in to take pictures of the tooth and everything. We took it home to show Oscar when he gets older,” the terrified mom said. “We were terrified at first but now we’re seeing the funny side. I and my husband were laughing about it, it’s mad – especially at this time of the year!”

The dentist removed the tooth and Tara kept it as a souvenir that she can give when her baby is older.


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