We’ve been abusing nature really bad. Truth be told, all those landslides, changes in the weather and a lot more are due to the abuse that we did to Mother Nature.

Now, Mother Nature is making us feel its wrath.

Qatar is a country that seldom rains. However, this time, Qatar was flooded as seen by the videos posted by a certain Lloyd Ellie Dagot.

Lloyd posted several videos on his Facebook account showing the flooded streets of Qatar. In one video, a man can be seen using a lifebuoy to cross the flooded street in Qatar. Cars can also be seen already flooded as their owners cannot rescue it anymore.

Trees were also seen destroying a car as it fell down on top of it. Surely, after the flood subsides, residents will see the entire impact of the heavy rains on their property.

Nowadays, the weather is becoming really unpredictable. Countries that only see rain once in a while are now flooded and properties are greatly damaged.

For countries that face the Pacific Ocean, it is common for typhoons to pass by and the government has implemented certain measures to counteract on the possible damages to the people as well as their properties.

For countries like Qatar, it would be good if they will prepare for this kind of changes to avoid damages later on


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