It’s not yet February and Halloween is still approaching yet love is already in the air as this couple shares their sweet moments in social media.

A video that became viral online shows a man and woman kissing aggressively, with food still on their mouth. At first glance, the girl looks like a Filipina yet some commenters claim that she is from Indonesia. The man, on the other hand, looks like a Pakistani.

However, netizens were not amused by their ‘sweet moments’ together, which was posted on the public. Some netizens find it disgusting, to think that they are also eating while kissing.

Most netizens shared their opinions on the video saying that it is, “disgusting”, “yuck”, and they want to vomit just by watching the video.

Filipino netizens also decry that the woman is from the Philippines and thinks that she is from Indonesia, a country where people have similar facial features to Filipinos.

Additionally, in case this incident happened in Muslim countries, following strict rules when it comes to physical contact among men and women, they will surely get arrested and deported for this.

No matter what nationality it is, it is very important to follow the law of the country they are in. If they are indeed, Indonesian and Pakistani, they are most likely from Arab countries with strict guideline when it comes to physical contact.

Surely, they will face the consequences of their actions once authorities find about this video.

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Esuk3 wes mendelok BangBedes Cokot2tan karo TEKAWEH endonesah..rasane greget2gmana gtu…uuhhh‼️‼️Hoooaaaxxx…rasane ate mutah..❗❗😥😥 Sosor ae sriii😄😄👇

Posted by Paijo on Friday, October 26, 2018


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