Some people are really cruel to animals. Though dogs are considered man’s best friend, they are also the ones who are often subjected to abuse and cruelty.

WARNING: The video that you are about to watch contains disturbing graphics which appears unappealing to many.

In the video which was posted by JhonMayorga in his social media account, a dog can be seen struggling for his life. It turns out that the dog was poisoned by heartless people.

Luckily, someone tried to rescue the dog by making it drink a raw egg. Right then, the struggle of the dog stopped and panted continuously.

He is now safe, thanks to the person who risked his own safety just to save the poor dog. To think that saving the dog takes a lot of courage and strength because anytime, the man can get bitten, makes him really considerate and kind-hearted.

At the end of the video, the dog can be seen standing up and walking as if nothing happened. The man who saved the dog is patting his back.

There are so many amazing things that dogs can do as long as you give them love and care. No matter what the circumstances might be, you should never resort to killing this harmless creature.



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