Babies are always considered a blessing from above. Parents anticipate their arrival without realizing the responsibilities that are accompanied by it.

This experience is very new, especially to first-time parents. Most of them cannot adjust easily especially with less sleeping time since babies are mostly awake at night.

This video of a dad who is half-asleep and half-awake clearly defines the real experience of parents. This just not apply to mothers but also for fathers who are trying to help their wives especially after giving birth.

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In the video, a dad mistakes a bunch of clothes as his baby. He rocks it so eagerly as if it’s a real baby. The new dad is obviously really sleepy that he thought he’s carrying his baby when in fact, the baby is with the mother.

The short clip is way too funny yet very touching as this is clearly a reminder of how parents sacrifice for their children as soon as they are out in the world.

The video draws laughs and likes among netizens, most of them praising how this dad loves his child. Some netizens also said that they can relate to this dad as they also had to go through the sleepless night during the first year of their baby.

Salute to all parents in the world!

See clip below

Sleepy New Dad Confuses Balled-up Robe For Baby

That new dad life is no joke. 😂

Posted by People on Tuesday, September 25, 2018


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