Most likely, every one of us knows that someone who can’t stop dancing just by hearing a lively beat. That someone who isn’t too shy to dance in the midst of the crowd.

There is this video of a man who is dancing to the Michael Jackson song “Beat It”. He was dancing all out as if no one is there, just him all alone.

There are also people dancing in the background but he stood out. He is definitely the star of the dance floor.

The video garnered a good laugh among netizens especially on the way the man dances. He surely is enjoying the music and the vibe.

However, there’s something else that netizens noticed – there are no women in the video. Men are dancing with other men and enjoying each other’s company.

One netizen commented that in this country, the womanis not allowed to dance outside so they dance among themselves.

“It’s funny, because women are not allowed to dance in public with mixed groups, so they dance among themselves,” says Facebook user Roger.

Another netizen thinks that the man should be saved from criticism as he is obviously enjoying himself out.

“The man is in his own world, and he’s loving it. What can we say, he’s having a good time on his own. Leave him be,” says Facebook user Bosno.

“That look like some super saiyansh*t. Dude was on dragon ball z sh*t. I thought he was a real life Goku,” says Facebook user Fritz.

Nonetheless, he enjoyed the song, so as we.

See clip below

Respect l'oncle😉😁😀

Respect l'oncle😉😁😀

Posted by on Friday, August 31, 2018


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