There are really those people who are so passionate about their jobs. No matter how dangerous it is, they would still choose to render their selves for the sake of fulfilling their jobs.

Just like this woman who works as a shark rescuer/shark whisperer.

Cristina Zanato tags herself as a Shark rescuer. She fearlessly removes hooks from the mouth of sharks.

“The shark will come in into my stomach and just sit there and I just pet her,” says Cristina. “You can feel their jaw opening and closing on your lap, which is one of the most beautiful things to feel,” she added.

Cristina also wants to let people know that sharks should be cared-off because they are living creatures.

What I try to make people understand is sharks are not a machine, they’re not a monster. This is a living, feeling creature,” Cristina said.

Aside from petting and caring the sharks, Cristina also removes a hook that is stocked inside the mouth of a shark.

“If a shark shows up with a hook that I can tell is very uncomfortable, my brain cannot focus,” says Cristina.

She also explains that getting the hook out of the shark’s mouth is never that easy.

“It’s not that as soon as they come in I try to remove the hook. It takes a long time to build trust. Some hooks are very easy. Some of them require weeks,” says Cristina.

She also sees these sharks as very vulnerable.

“For as feared as they are, they are one of the most vulnerable animals. Their vulnerability made me want to protect them,” says Cristina.

Cristina always dreamed of roaming around the ocean. As time goes on, she became drawn to sharks and started caring for them.

Are you willing to take on this job?

See clip below

This woman sticks her hands in sharks’ mouths to help when they get caught on hooks 🦈❤️

This woman sticks her hands in sharks’ mouths to help when they get caught on hooks 🦈❤️

Posted by Wildlife & Nature on Monday, October 15, 2018


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