CAMBODIA – Love is so powerful that you can’t control it once it hits you. The appearance of a person is never an issue because what matters most is his heart. You cannot condemn someone just because they do not have a pretty face. Just like this pretty looking woman who married a not-so-handsome guy. They are the hottest couple now!

“Love is not blind. It seems more and not less. But because it sees more, it is willing to see less” – that famous love quote best describes the relationship of this couple who became viral online.

The Facebook post of a certain Lucy LuvElla instantly garnered the attention of the public. The couple is way too different from each other. As some netizens said, the woman is way too pretty for her husband.

Despite the differences in their appearance, it can be seen that the couple is genuinely happy and contented. Lucy posted multiple photos online and netizens were amazed by their not-so-normal family.

Aside from the words of encouragement from netizens, there were also people who publicly criticized their family, especially the husband.

Netizens were amazed at their love and some see the husband as the luckiest person alive. The couple was also pictured with their lovely daughter.

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