Ruckus was developed in an Air India flight after a London-bound passenger spat on the pilot because they refused to give her more alcohol.

The Irish woman was said to implicate bad things on the crew which created a ruckus and worst, she spat on the pilot who tried to calm her down.

The woman, flying on business class, became really mad when the crew allegedly denied serving her more alcohol because they noticed that she was already very drunk.

The encounter was captured in a video where she can be heard saying:

“You treat business class passengers like this? I work for all you people… but you won’t give me a glass of wine… you can’t give me a wee bottle of wine,” says the drunken woman.

The Irish woman also says that she is an international human rights lawyer that helped many Palestinian people. But her words sounded slurred in the video, an obvious indication that she was already heavily drunk.

In the video, the woman can also be seen walking straight to a man with flying stripes on the shoulder, indicating that he is one of the pilots.

Without hesitation, she spits on him and insulted other female crew.

Remarkably, despite all the bad manners that the woman showed and said to the crew members, they still managed to stay calm.

After the flight landed in London, the drunk woman was arrested.

The sequence of events is still unknown. But according to reports, the cabin crew refused to serve her alcohol as instructed by their commander, resulting in the woman ranting insults.

See clip below


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