It is already very hard to adjust to the weather and culture of other countries when you go and work abroad. Aside from that, you will also have to learn the different languages used in the country where you are working.

In Japan, foreign workers are not allowed to go travel to their country without taking the course of perfecting the speaking and understanding of their national language, the Nihongo.

Unlike Japan, Middle East countries do allow foreign workers to work on their country without proper education in their native language. As long as you know how to speak English, you can work and get paid higher than the jobs offered in the Philippines.

But then, some Arab nationals do not really know how to speak English. That’s when the situation becomes totally worst.

In a Facebook post which is entitled “No English, No Arabic”, an Arab man can be seen talking to her Filipina domestic helper. But then, they cannot communicate well because the domestic helper cannot speak Arabic while her employer cannot speak English.

This is the worst case ever!

So as to find a resort, they had to use hand gestures and facial expressions to make a point. In the video, the employer wants to tell the helper to make a lemon juice because he is sick but he couldn’t make her understand because he cannot speak English.

There are a lot of Filipinos who can relate to the video, especially those who are just new to the foreign country that they are working.

The best thing to do is to slowly learn the language of your employer and cope with their customs and traditions

See clip below

LOL | Buhay OFW!

Buhay OFW! Yung Hindi Ka Maintindihan ng Amo Mo! At Hindi Mo rin sila maintindihan.

Posted by OFW News Portal on Sunday, September 16, 2018



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