Bullying is a problem that’s not isolated to one country. Schools from all over the world get involved in an alarming number of bullying cases.

Victims of bullying often resort to getting depressed, failure to excel academically, stops going to school or even suicide as a form of escape from the agony they are going through.

Parents have the key role to stop bullying. Teaching their kids the importance of friendship is the beginning while teaching them a lesson once they bully others is the next big thing.

This father didn’t hesitate to punish her daughter so she can be a better person, a student and a friend to everyone.

In a video, a girl can be seen walking on the streets, carrying her bags to school. Her father who captured the video said that he punished her daughter because she got kicked out from her school bus because of bullying.

“This lovely lady is my ten-year-old daughter, who has, for the second time in the school year, being kicked off the school bus, due to bullying another student,” says the father who followed her daughter as she walks her way to school. “Let me make this extremely clear, bullying is not acceptable,” the father added.

“Saturday when my daughter brought home her paperwork for her bus suspension. She said: Daddy you’ll have to take me to school next week,” says the father.

But the father wanted to teach her daughter a very important lesson.

“As you see, this morning she is learning otherwise,” says the father.

Right then, instead of taking her daughter to school, he taught her a lesson. She had to walk five miles to school, in 36 degrees weather.

He also thinks that other parents might not agree to what he is doing but he thinks that he did right to stop her child from bullying other children.

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See clip below 

These dads made their kids walk to school when they were suspended from the bus for bullying other students

These dads made their kids walk to school when they were suspended from the bus for bullying other students

Posted by Daily Mail Video on Friday, December 7, 2018


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