The higher prices of basic commodities these days has prompted parents to save money as much as possible. However, saving a few bucks might lead to more troublesome circumstances and worst, death.

These parents got to learn the lesson the hard way. He lost so much while trying to save a few bucks.

Once in your life, you will encounter that good bargain that you can’t seem to let go. However, you must be very careful because those bargains might cost you more.

Here’s the story:

Alejandro was working on his garden when he saw a truck that goes on with an advertisement “used mattress in good state” at a very good price.

Alejandro thought of his children who need a new mattress so he decided to stop the truck. At first glance, the mattress looks really in a good condition, particularly because of the new fabric that covers it.

Alejandro thought that he got the best deal.

He immediately made his daughter’s bed and felt totally happy with the result not knowing that the horror will soon follow.

After just a short period of time, his daughters begun to complain of neck and head discomfort. The following day, they had an extremely high fever.

They were immediately taken to the A&E department. The 7-year-old girl was saved but her little sister died shortly after she got admitted to the hospital.

According to the medical reports, the girls got infected by rickettsia, a disease which is caused by microorganisms that are found in ticks, parasites, fleas, and lice.

It was then that the family thought of checking the “new” mattress, particularly because they do not have a pet that might have brought the bacteria.

Alejandro removed the fabric covering and found that the mattress is actually full of insects.

This is a fraud that’s long been circulating in different countries all over the world. This should serve as a good reminder to never let these scams victimize you and endanger the lives of your family.

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