Buffet restaurants are really enticing and most food lovers will come running just to taste such delicious food.

Naked Buffet Screen Shot Image from Youtube

The problem with delicious food owners is the growing number of competitors, mainly because of its high demands. Each restaurant must have that epic strategy to gain more customers and stand out amidst its competitors.

Because of this, a buffet restaurant came up to a rather weird idea of offering food on top of a naked man’s body.

The restaurant is named NakedBuffet, run by Carlos. His restaurant is the World’s Only All-You-Can-Eat NakedBuffet.

“I used to never feel comfortablein my own skin, but then I went to burning man and that’s when everything changed.I knew I had to find a way to help others accept their bodies too,” saysCarlos, the restaurant owner.

Naked Buffet Screen Shot Image from Youtube

His restaurant boasts to be a “family-friendly body positive buffet”. His restaurant serves all kinds of a nutritious meal like a salad bar, soups and plenty of buns.

They also have a unique way to entertain kids by giving them coloring materials that explain the anatomy of humans.

“Some people think nudity is a big turn off, but for a lot of our customers, the display actually gets you to try some things you normally wouldn’t enjoy,” says Carlos.

If you’re worried for the sanitary, the owner claims that they wash their servers, just like any other restaurants.

“Serving is a form of therapy. I believe the human body is not only beautiful but very appetizing. And I think Americans agree when they visit our restaurant,” says Carlos.


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