Most people opt their food to be delivered especially if they have busy schedules. Just the thought of your food being delivered to your doorstep already feels so good.

But what are you going to do if you will know that the delivery guy actually touched your food (and ate a bit of it) before it even gets on your hand?

Photos of a delivery guy actuallyeating the food before he delivered it to the owner goes viral online.According to Rachfeed, the delivery guy was from a famous food delivery app in China.

In the photos, the man can be seen eating the food which is supposed-to-be for his customers while inside an elevator.

The delivery guy took a swift move as he devours the food for his customers, carefully putting the lids afterwards. Pretty alarming, isn’t it?

The customer, as well as the man in the video,  were not named but according to reports, the latter was already fired from his work.

“So far, we have already fired the employee and notified the whole food delivery service. He would be banned from the business. We offer our sincerest apologies,” says Mr. Xu, the Public Relations Officer of the said delivery company.

It is pretty gross to know that the food that you’ve been patiently waited was already contaminated with someone else’s saliva. Nonetheless, no matter how hungry you are, to the delivery guy, you should never touch what’s not yours.


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